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Canon Peter Hall CofE Primary


Our School Ethos & Values

We believe every person lives in the image of God and shares His love.  We have a passion to enable every person to view the world with awe and wonder and know they can achieve anything in their life journey.  Our school is a beacon of hope and sign of the kingdom.

We have an uncompromising ambition that every child will succeed regardless of needs or barriers to learning.  We will endeavour to break down society barriers in relation to a child's postcode.

We continue to embed our Christian Values of courage, peace, forgiveness, justice, compassion, friendship, truthfulness, generosity, respect and perseverance in order to prepare your child for their future journey in life and one in which they feel a sense of belonging to a wider family. 

We will prepare children for the next stage of learning and link with businesses to show children the world of work is no different to the world of school.  We will give them the best as only that is good enough.