We expect the following from our students
  •  That they attend the academy regularly. 
  • That they arrive on time and are appropriately prepared for the day. 
  • That they will inform a member of staff of any problem or reason that may prevent them from attending the academy. 
We expect the following from parent/carers 
  • To ensure their children attend the academy regularly and punctually.
  • To ensure that they contact the academy as soon as is reasonably possible whenever their child is unable to attend. 
  • To ensure that their child arrives to the academy well prepared for the day. 
  • To contact the academy in confidence whenever a problem occurs that affects the pupil’s performance in the academy. 
Parent/carers and students can expect the following from the academy 
  • Regular, efficient and accurate recording of attendance. 
  • First day contact with parent/carers when a student or pupil fails to attend the academy without providing a reason. 
  • Immediate and confidential action on any problem notified to us.