Early Years funding

Canon Peter Hall Early Years Vision

We believe that every child entering the EYFS is unique with their own individual strengths and interests.  We have an uncompromising ambition that every child will grow in independence, resilience, confidence and joy, mindful of differences in their starting points and prior experiences.

We have a passion to enable every child to view the world with awe and wonder and know they can achieve anything in their Early Years.

We introduce our children to the Christian Values that are the building blocks of CPH preparing for their ongoing journey through the school, and ultimately for life.  This will ensure they feel a sense of belonging to the Early Years community and the wider school family.

We prepare our children for the next stage of learning in the school, particularly prioritising the development of communication and language.  We ensure that the opportunities and experiences offered are real and relevant within a calm, safe and inspiring environment.  We will give them the best Early Years experience, knowing that these years are the foundations for all that follows.

This section of the website includes information about how to start school in our nursery class as well as how to apply for 30 hours funding.