OUR vision

Our christian vision

We believe every person lives in the image of God and shares His love.  We have a passion to enable every person to view the world with awe and wonder and know they can achieve anything in their life journey.  Our school is a beacon of hope and sign of the kingdom.

We are inspired by the stories of Hagar and Jesus’ disciples, who are beacons of hope and signs of the Kingdom.

Christians believe that the Kingdom of God is a place where there is no suffering and no darkness. Life is not always like this, but Christians see it as their responsibility to try to remove the suffering and reduce the darkness in order to bring about the Kingdom of God.

Christians believe that Jesus is a beacon of hope because he sees each person, knows they matter and empowers them to make the world a better place. When each person sees this in themselves, then they are able to be a beacon of hope by working towards bringing about the Kingdom of God.

Hagar has a difficult life; she is taken out of her home into slavery and then abandoned with her young baby in very challenging circumstances. However, she has a promise from God that she will thrive; she is seen by him and given hope for her future. She is the first person in the Bible to give God a name: she calls him El-Roi, the One who sees me (Genesis 16.21).

Just like Hagar, Jesus’ disciples don’t have an easy life. Jesus sees them and knows their inherent worth. He is a good teacher, so he doesn’t change their lives for them, but gives them what they need to transform their lives for themselves.

We are inspired by the stories of Hagar and the disciples who were seen as they were and empowered to know that they could flourish and serve others.

The Christian Values embedded in our school life and central to all we do are: