The journey so far…

Art at Canon Peter Hall is designed to ensure progression in fine art discipline, applying explicitly taught technical skills to a purposely narrow range of mediums. As a school, we have invested in high quality continued professional development for all teachers. An Art specialist has modelled best practice in sample sessions across the school and led staff development sessions on the effective teaching of each discipline (painting, drawing, ceramics and printing.) 

We have chosen to conduct deep study into a breadth of artists chosen to include classic and contemporary artists, artists who follow their dreams, despite adversity, and local artists who have achieved success. 

Art is in keeping with our school vision of high aspiration, resilience and the belief that only ‘the best’ is good enough.


What do we want our Art curriculum to achieve?

  • Acquire and refine the skills of the discipline of Art.
  • Develop a recognition for, and appreciation of, a breadth of classic, contemporary and diverse artists offering windows and mirrors through which children can understand their own identity and the lives and achievements of those with protected characteristics.
  • To view Art work through the lens of an artist giving their opinion and justifying their opinion and respecting that of others.

Art at Canon Peter Hall is planned and taught in the following way:

  • Each year, children build on their existing knowledge and skills in drawing painting
  • In alternate years, children build on their existing knowledge and skills in either printing or ceramics
  • Each year, children conduct deep study into an artist specifically selected to reflect the ethos and vision of our school and to build children’s cultural capital.
  • Each unit of Art begins with the teaching and exploration of the technical skills specific to that discipline and year group.
  • The lessons following this are carefully planned and timed to enable children to retrieve and apply their previous skills and knowledge to create a high quality outcome.
  • We dedicate 24 hours of curriculum time each year to Art which is broken down to two seven hour units of study and one ten hour unit, extended to include three hours of study into the history of the focus artist.
  • The length of individual Art lessons at Canon Peter Hall is expected to vary, depending on the medium and the size of task in hand, for example very fine pencil skills used to add texture and tone to a larger drawing would require short bursts of patient and focussed work.

*One focus artist will be studied each year as part of one of the units of study


What do we want our children to become as a result of the Art curriculum?

  • Informed citizens that contribute positively to local and global society.
  • Citizens who articulate their appreciation of, and critique the art work of, a range of artists and mediums including ceramics, painting, drawing and print. 


What do we believe is right for our children to learn from the study of Art?

  • To have the cultural capital to confidently visit and explore exhibitions, stately homes, museums, and galleries and to understand Art in a way that is equal to that of their more affluent peers.
ART long term plan