The journey so far….

The 2021/22 School Health Profile revealed that levels of obesity in our school are above both the national and local authority average. This acted as a stimulus for our updated whole school. Charlie’s trainers are the physical reminder upon which we anchor our school vision. Charlie will have positive physical and mental well being and our PE curriculum is an integral part of this.

What do we want our PE curriculum to achieve?
  • For all pupils to have a positive experience of physical education that leads them on to having a lifelong love for being active.

  • To teach pupils how to cooperate and collaborate with others, as part of a team, to understanding resilience and fair play.

  • To develop pupils as referees, coaches and judges as well as competitors.

  • To tackle social injustice by providing pupils with experiences that children from other areas might take for granted, such as trips to the swimming pool, a leisure centre, a visit to a gymnastics club.


We are a member of the local School Sports Partnership which keeps us up to date with the latest initiatives. It is also where we access many of our competitions, festivals, CPD and support with projects geared around health and physical activity. Where staff feel less confident with an area of PE tailored CPD is provided to ensure strong subject knowledge.

Subject specialist Owen Denovan has created his Steps in PE curriculum which selects the most powerful knowledge and skills for each year group and sequences these to ensure progression.

We have used this expert example as a stimulus for our long term plans. Our long term plan follows the principles of retrieval as we revisit the different areas of PE and build on prior learning, preparing children for future learning and competitions.

A typical PE lesson follows this structure: Instant engagement, warm up, vocabulary and teaching points (modelling) short bursts of activity to embed the teaching points and mini plenaries where assessment for learning reveals misconceptions or further challenges needed.

What do we want our children to become as a result of the PE curriculum?
  • Confident, capable and inspired enough to engage in sport in their future

  • Healthy citizens with a love of physical activity who contribute positively to society

  • Positive and inspiring role models of people of all ages that they may meet in their future livesResilient, confident and compassionate individuals ready to succeed in the world of work

What do we believe is right for our children to learn from the study of PE?
  • Physical activity can be fun and support mental health

  • Where they can engage in physical activity and sport at a local, national or international level

  • Why it is important to be healthy

  • How to be healthy

PE long term plan
PE long term plan with progression