our Curriculum


We believe every person lives in the image of God and shares His love. We have a passion to enable every person to view the world with awe and wonder and know they can achieve anything in their life journey. Our school is a beacon of hope and sign of the Kingdom and our curriculum must propel the children towards their hopes and dreams for a bright and prosperous future.

We are inspired by the stories of Hagar and Jesus’s disciples, who are beacons of hope and signs of the Kingdom. Our children will enable the children to, like Hagar and the disciples, overcome barriers and be supported to flourish independently.


We firmly believe that our curriculum needs to provide pupils at Canon Peter Hall with all the necessary skills; academic, social and holistic to be successful in their future life. Through all subjects there is a focus on language, vocabulary, knowledge and concepts and this is at the heart of our learning. Early reading skills will be a priority in EYFS through the delivery of a phonics programme (RWINc) beginning as children enter the school and continues until pupils have the decoding skills to enable them to become fluent readers. As children progress through the school they will continue to develop fluency in reading and the teaching of comprehension skills will enable pupils to develop a love of reading. In return we will ensure high quality books are available in our libraries, we engage pupils in daily story time as well as a whole school reading rewards –remarkable readers.

Our curriculum is designed to give pupils the opportunity to build on their previous knowledge with each lesson fitting into a clear sequence of leaning. We aim to embed knowledge into pupils’ long term memory so that they can retrieve and apply to new learning challenges they encounter. This principle is based on the Science of Learning and matches the idea that: If nothing has been changed in long-term memory, nothing has been learned. 

We intend our curriculum to be relevant and appropriate to the community we serve by prioritising key skills for the next stage of their learning and beyond. We continue to focus on the national curriculum but we have a strong belief that, ‘the world of work and school provide the same opportunities.’ Immingham has a wealth of employment opportunities on its doorstep, e.g. the most affluent and busiest port in the country, global petrochemical industries as well as other successful global businesses, yet this is not reflected within the context of the school’s postcode. Our curriculum has been designed to allow our pupils to have their eyes opened up to the opportunities beyond school for them. The world of work has been incorporated into our curriculum design through the life concepts of employment skills. We believe this will motivate pupils to continue to be their best at secondary – they will have a reason to learn, a reason to challenge themselves and a feeling of self-worth for their future as the world of work is deep rooted by the time they leave our school. They will know local businesses are waiting for their applications to become employed adults. 

If you require any further information regarding the curriculum then please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Curriculum Implementation

We will implement our curriculum through:

  • having a strong emphasis on the understanding that knowledge underpins and enables the application of retrieving knowledge throughout the curriculum 
  • focusing on learning facts and concepts and know how to apply to new learning 
  • ensuring our curriculum is taught in a coherent sequence that allows for the development of knowledge within each subject and makes connections between different subjects and experiences 
  • a spiral curriculum that builds upon knowledge and is progressive 
  • revisiting to assess impact and relevance to what is being taught 
  • a ‘lens’ e.g. a historical lens and geographical lens – to ensure evidence in books, both work and feedback will demonstrate a subject specific learning journey 
  • demonstrating progress through a range of ‘expert outcomes’ within projects which will endeavour to identify that pupils know more and remember more 
  • cross curricular teaching to ensure connectivity between subjects in order to make the curriculum relevant and meaningful to pupils, including the individuality of their community 
  • focusing on the employment gap enabling pupils to understand the diverse range of employment opportunities available to them, both locally and globally. In addition, it will enable them to be successful in end of key stage summative assessments that are the gateway to employment opportunities 
  • Skills for life concepts being taught and promoted so pupils are able to be proficient in them as individual concepts but also see that they are interdependent and reliant upon each other.

The implementation points above will enable our school to deliver a curriculum that achieves positive outcomes on individual pupil progress whatever aa pupil’s staring point. It is a priority for all our children to access the whole curriculum offer on a daily basis. A specialist curriculum for an individual pupil will be rare and only implemented where appropriate and necessary and this will be developed in partnership with external agencies. 

Pupils will have the knowledge to be able to think critically, work with others, communicate effectively and come up with creative solutions to new problems. This will give pupils the knowledge to transfer subject specific skills to different contexts. Each subject allows for specific vocabulary and knowledge allowing pupils to build links and enhance their learning across other subjects. The curriculum ensures purposeful connectivity between subjects allowing children to develop their knowledge with greater ability to apply to new learning. Pupils will leave Canon Peter Hall school as confident speakers who have effective communication skills, they will speak confidently of who they are, their aspirations and their future. They will see and understand their place in society as important, giving each of them a sense of self-worth. Our pupils will become active members of their community but will recognise future opportunities within and beyond their postcode. 

How will we know the intent and implementation of our Curriculum is effective?
  • Reviews of planning 
  • Visiting lessons 
  • Reviewing pupil books 
  • Pupil/adult conversations 
  • Reviewing curriculum subject ‘expert outcomes’ 
  • Meeting with pupils to evaluate of they are remembering more of the most powerful knowledge we have identified as the key intentions of each learning units.
We aim for all our pupils to leave us and… 
  • be knowledge and language rich 
  • be confident readers 
  • understand the reason to continue to be effective learners for the next stage of their educational journey and beyond. 
  • understand how choices and consequences can impact on their future, both academic future and social aspects of their future 
  • have a clear understanding of the world of work and opportunities available to them 
  • be happy, confident citizens who continue to meet our distinct Christian Values as adults

Additional information regarding the curriculum at Canon Peter Hall Primary School can be obtained by contacting the school office using the email address enquiries@canonpeterhall.laat.co.uk or by telephone: 01469 510300