A proud moment for Canon Peter Hall CofE primary school as Ofsted awards ‘good’ grade

Canon Peter Hall CofE Primary School, part of the Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust (LAAT), is proud to receive recognition that it ‘continues to be a good school’ following their most recent Ofsted inspection. After years of hardship and uncertainty during the pandemic, this recognition comes as no surprise and demonstrates hard work and dedication continue no matter what to guarantee that Canon Peter Hall delivers the best education and community for its staff and pupils. “The school is a calm and orderly environment that is very well looked after,” states the Ofsted report, demonstrating the collaborative approach between staff and Governors working in partnership with LAAT to provide a hardworking and successful environment. 

Supporting pupils and staff 

Jackie Waters-Dewhurst, CEO of LAAT comments: “It’s great to see that The Canon Peter Hall CofE Primary School was rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted after its most recent inspection. Working closely with the Trust, it is clear to see the dedication and diligence of the school’s leadership, staff, and governors, which is reflected in this report. We understand how difficult an Ofsted inspection can be, so we stand by our schools (quite literally) throughout the process, both in the background and during the inspection to ensure a complete support system is available at all times.”

Strong sense of community 

“Pupils are proud to attend the school and enjoy coming” is among the many highlights featured in the report, praising the school’s principles and the strong feeling of community. The inspector found that every student feels included and supported throughout their time at school, which reflects their efforts to be polite, respectful, and friendly to their peers and adults. The school also received recognition that pupils with SEND are well supported ensuring that every student had an active role in all activities and community events. The outcome of the inspection was that Canon Peter Hall remains a GOOD school. 

Ambitious curriculum

During this two-day inspection, the inspector met with senior leaders and representatives of LAAT, where a well-thought-out curriculum was clearly shown, demonstrating support and advancement within each subject. 

Effective early reading  

The report recognised the school’s early reading focus, particularly its phonics curriculum where pupils learn about letters and the sounds they represent in a systematic way. Inspectors acknowledged that leaders plan a variety of opportunities for pupils to become confident and fluent readers. Staff ensure that pupils’ misconceptions are addressed when saying and writing new words, and pupils who need extra help learning to read receive this quickly. 

Preparing for the future  

The school is praised for placing a strong emphasis on helping students develop their understanding of the world. “Children get off to a strong start” in Reception states the report. The staff encourages pupils to understand the world at an early age, for instance, by participating in forest school activities and celebrating the Chinese New Year. Knowing how important it is to be prepared for the future, the school is clear that pupils need to develop a wide range of skills and experiences to prepare them for high school and the world of work beyond early education. All pupils learn about a range of job and career opportunities.

Tracey Grove and Sandra Fawn, Head of School and Executive Headteacher at Canon Peter Hall CofE Primary School, are proud of all the pupils, staff, parents/carers and academy members who continue to make Canon Peter Hall a GOOD school. They commented, “This reflects the school’s leadership and our collaborative effort with the LAAT Academy Trust to provide the best education possible for every child.”

In response to the inspection team’s report findings and next steps, we are already implementing some of these initiatives and have incorporated them into our future strategy.” 

You can view the full Ofsted report here